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William Pitcher College

Mordenizing William Pitcher College gave the goverment institution total rest giving the students and the academic staff a tertiary intitution experience.

Learning Management

The deployment of Reglo School Management System marked a new begining for the college. A complete transformation from manual work to automated functions per department.

Student Portal

A full-featured web based 24x7x365 consolidated source for information and resources important to students.


Networking & Infrastructure

William Pitcher College has actualized her big dream as it pertains to technology, the infrastructure has been transformed making the college more technology savvy.

Security & Access

A new mode of access and security was introduced through AD, captive portal behind a firewall and CCTV. 

Matsapha Town Council

Weighbridge Management System - a robust solution to help manage weighbridge data efficiently while optimising turnaround time and avoid possibility of fraud.

Basic Features

*     Display and registration of vehicle tare and net weights. 
*     Association of vehicles with products, customers and other vehicle related                  information. 
*     Printout of tickets with information on the weight transactions. 
*     Documentation on business operations with customizable reports. 
*     Generate invoices. 
*     Flexibility to integrate with other third party solutions.

Upgrade has been released.

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Our Clients

In the past few years, we have managed establish our footprint in some parts of the country and we have kept our clients.